Chicken Coops Stylish chicken houses to keep your flock safe and sound.

If your hens are providing you with a steady stream of fresh eggs, the least you can do is provide them with a safe place to roost!

The chicken coops we build in KY & TN are constructed from the best materials and individually crafted by our team of experts. Each prefab chicken house is built with a substructure of pressure-treated lumber to resist ground moisture. Painted wood siding and metal roofing protect the exterior; the exact color combination is completely up to you. Virtually every chicken coop we sell in Kentucky or Tennessee is unique!

The typical layout of our chicken coops features an enclosed area of approximately 5’x10’ for roosting and nesting. It includes a window, a roosting rack, and four nesting boxes. Access (for humans) is available through a pedestrian door. Access (for hens) is available through a small chicken door (you can call it an ‘eggsit’ 😜).  Off the front of the nesting area is a small porch protected by an overhang; the porch floor is made of composite decking for extra weather resistance. The nesting boxes extend through the front wall and can be opened from the porch for easy egg harvesting.

Standard Features on Prefab Chicken Coops

A chicken coop for sale in Tennessee with a porch

To construct a chicken house that will handle years of use, we focus on choosing the right materials. Besides the customizable features, our prefab chicken coops come standard with:

  • Pressure-treated 4×6 runners
  • Walls framed at 24” on-center with top and bottom wall plates
  • A durable metal roof
  • Two-tone painted siding
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Chicken access door
  • 4 nesting boxes
  • Roosting rack
  • Porch w/composite flooring
  • A 10-year workmanship warranty on all chicken coops

Free Chicken Coop Delivery

We try to make purchasing a chicken coop as simple as possible. To help with that, we offer every prefab chicken coop with 50 miles of free delivery from any of our sales lots. Beyond 50 miles, we charge a simple per-mile delivery fee. Getting the perfect chicken coop in KY or TN should be easy and straightforward!