Greenhouses Upgrade your Growing Space

Garden Shed

Simultaneously upgrade your background and gardening hobby with one of our Garden Sheds. A cross between a shed and a greenhouse, these structures feature numerous windows and skylights, plenty of interior storage, as well as a pergola overhang for climbing plants. Customize it further to maximize its creative design.

Hobby Greenhouse

Is a Greenhouse Shed a bit of an overkill? Look into our Hobby Greenhouse model. These sheds are a perfect basic design to provide your plants with durable protection from the elements. Enable yourself to have more flexibility in your gardening or create your own plant nursery. Choose colors, sizes, and more.

Standard Features on the Greenhouse Sheds

greenhouse standard features from esh's utility Buildings

Our greenhouses combine creativity and style, with durability that is able to withstand weather’s beating. Our Garden Sheds are a bit heavier-duty and more elaborate than our Hobby Greenhouse. Besides the custom options we offer, here are some of the Greenhouse standard features.

  • 2×6 floor joists on 4×6 skids; all joists and skids are pressure-treated
  • ¾” tongue-and-groove flooring with a 50-year warranty
  • Trusses with steel gussets, framed at 16” on-center
  • Felt paper beneath roofing materials (when applicable) for increased roof longevity
  • Drip edge on all edges of the storage shed roof
  • Clear roofing and siding (where applicable).
  • Hobby Greenhouse: 8×10 base, interior shelving, vents, single swing door,
  • Garden Shed: cupola, 24×36 windows (8), corner porch w/pergola, single and double door with glass.
  • A 10-year workmanship warranty on all storage sheds

Free Greenhouse Delivery

As a local business, we do our best to serve our customers throughout Kentucky and Tennessee in as many ways as we can. One way is by offering 50 miles of free delivery from any of our dealer locations. Beyond 50 miles, it’s a simple per-mile fee. We want to make it as painless as possible to get the storage shed you need!