Portable Garages Customizable pre-built garages in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Take your vehicle out of the weather and take some worry off your mind.

A portable garage can be a great answer to economical vehicle storage. Whether you need to protect a pickup, a car, a motorcycle, or just your lawn equipment, prebuilt garages can do the job simply and affordably. With a range of choices for siding, roofing, colors, and more, we give you the tools to create the perfect portable garage for your needs.

Portable Garage Styles

A custom prebuilt garage in Tennessee with brown vinyl siding and a loft

Customizable Portable Garage Options

Some colors available for custom sheds in Kentucky and Tennessee

We want to help each of our customers create the prebuilt garage that’s ideal for their needs. That means we give you the option to design your garage exactly the way you want it. Customizable features include:

Your Source for Portable Garages in KY & TN

We work hard to provide the best custom and prebuilt garages in Kentucky and Tennessee. By selling directly, we can help you get the best deal possible on a portable garage. Plus, all our prebuilt garages are constructed locally, adding jobs to the Kentucky and Tennessee economies. Best of all, we deliver all portable garages for free, within 50 miles of any of our sales lots.