Animal Shelters Handcrafted prefab sheds for pets in Kentucky and Tennessee.

Ready to shelter your pets in style? We’re here to help.

Furry or feathered, two-legged or four-legged, strutting or galloping…We’ve got a pet shed for your animal friends, no matter which category they fall under! With a range of building colors and options to choose from, and a legacy of precise, durable construction, we can help you create an animal shelter that will last a lifetime.

Animal Shelter Styles

A custom prefab animal shelter for sale in Tennessee

Your Source for Pet Sheds in KY & TN

As a local business, our biggest focus is serving the folks in our community. We build all our sheds locally, helping add jobs to the economies of Kentucky and Tennessee. Plus, buying direct from the manufacturer gets you the best prices and we don’t charge a dime for shed deliveries within 50 miles of any of our sales lots.