Hay Feeders Quality, customized hay feeders designed to eliminate waste.

Horse Hay Feeder

Do you find yourself with a constant flow of wasted hay? We understand this dilemma.  With a wide roof overhanging the horse hay feeder, hay is less likely to develop mold and be ruined. Wanting some labor saving devices? Each of our horse hay feeders for sale in KY & TN can hold two hay bales, eliminating a constant work for you.  For all the horse lovers, this is the horse feeder for you!

Goat Hay Feeder

You’re goats deserve only the best. With our goat hay feeders for sale, your goat friends will be sure to have the ultimate best hay supply around. Our covered hay feeders help protect your hay supply from the forces of nature – rain, snow, sun, and the random down-pour of sleet. Got some picky animal friends? Customize our goat hay feeders to ensure that your goat receives the proper care.

Cow Hay Feeder

We know you care for your cows. And getting the proper cow hay feeder is one of the most essential aspects to protecting your hay supply. Each of our hay feeders for cattle comes with a large metal roof, providing protection from the elements. With a wooden gate and latch, our cow hay feeders are easy to open and close. But don’t stick with the basics. Give us all of your customization wishes for your round bale feeder for cows. Happy cattle, happy people.

Standard Features on Hay Feeders

the interior of a hay feeder available in KY and TN

While you can customize the exact size of your hay feeder, we offer two stock sizes made with quality materials:

5×7 (Small) Hay Feeder:

  • Designed for goats or sheep
  • Holds one round bale of hay
  • Eliminates hay waste
  • Allows animals to eat from the bottom and sides of the hay bale, by suspending the bale off of the ground
  • Easily moved!

7×12 (Large) Hay Feeder:

  • Can be customized for cows or horses
  • Holds two round bales of hay
  • Eliminates hay waste through the roof, floor, and sides
  • Choose either angled slats, vertical, slats, or no slats for the sides
  • Easily moved!

Free Hay Feeder Delivery

We want to make your purchase of a hay feeder as easy as possible. That’s why we offer every hay feeder with 50 miles of free delivery from any of our sales lots. Beyond 50 miles, we charge a simple per-mile delivery fee. Getting the perfect hay feeder in KY or TN should be easy and straightforward!