Delivery & Shed Foundations Learn about options for shed foundations and shed delivery in KY and TN.

Once you’ve picked out or designed the perfect portable building, it’s time to prepare your shed foundation and get ready for delivery!

To provide shed delivery and shed foundations, we rely on several local companies, as well as our own in-house team. We can help schedule the installation of your shed foundation and we’ll take care of planning the shed delivery. If you are unsure about what type of foundation your building needs or have questions regarding delivery, we’re happy to help!

How We Deliver Sheds In KY & TN

Delivery of a shed in Kentucky power Mule

We use several types of custom-built shed moving equipment to ensure that your shed delivery goes smoothly and that we’re able to get your building exactly where it needs to go.

For properties with easy access, our shed-hauling trailers are all it takes. We can back right up to your shed location and simply roll the building into place from the trailer.

For locations that are harder to reach, we use a purpose-built machine called a Mule to navigate your building into place. During a shed delivery with the Mule, we place dolly wheels under one end of your shed while the Mule lifts the other end. The building becomes like its own trailer and we can roll it directly to its final location.

Free Shed Delivery

We offer free delivery of all our buildings (except custom-built, on-site projects) within 50 miles of any of our dealer locations. Beyond 50 miles, it’s a simple per-mile fee. We want shed delivery to be the last of your worries!