Tiny Home Shells Efficient Upgraded Living Spaces

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency, style, and cozy space. Our tiny home shells are crafted with a finished exterior and unfinished interior, allowing you to personally finish the interior of your new tiny home. But not just any cabin building will suffice. We have modified our cabin shell styles so they comply with the latest residential building codes (2018 IRC) in order to legally live in your tiny home. Our tiny homes shells are no basic shed. They are built as a legal, lovable home.

Want to add your personal touch? You’ve come to the right place. The design and exterior of our tiny home shells are completely customizable so that you can create the most ideal tiny home shell for you. Customize your colors, dimensions, features and more. Vinyl or wood siding, shingle or metal roof, corner porch or deluxe porch…You dream it and we’ll help you create it!

Prefab Tiny Home Shell Styles

tiny home shells in ky and tn

Customizable Prefab Tiny Home Shell Options

Some colors available for custom sheds in Kentucky and Tennessee

We believe each tiny home shell we build should be as unique as the people who use it. That’s why we allow full customization of all the tiny home shells we sell in Kentucky and Tennessee. Customizable features include:

Your Source for Prefab Tiny Home Shells in KY & TN

As a local company, we try to add value to our community with every tiny home shell we sell. First, we build each tiny home shell locally, adding jobs to the economies of Kentucky and Tennessee. Also, by selling tiny home shells directly to customers we’re able to keep them more affordable. Finally, we deliver prefab tiny home shells for free within 50 miles of any of our sales lots!