Custom-Built Tiny Home Shells Custom made tiny home shells, designed to your specs and built on-site in KY & TN

custom built tiny home shell

When it comes to getting a tiny home shell, you want to make sure that your new home replicates your specific tastes. But do you ever wonder if you simply have too many requests?

We understand those worries.

And that’s why we welcome you to make any and every special request. There is no need to be limited to basic customizations such as paint color, siding material, and size. Let your imagination take over! Not only will you be living in your dream home, but can rest assured that all of our custom-built tiny home shells are designed according to the 2018 IRC’s building regulations. A beautiful and legal custom built cabin, all in one package.

Basic Standard Features

interior of a custom built tiny home shells for sale

We have ensured that all our custom-built tiny home shells are up to the 2018 IRC. The standard features for a Custom-Built Tiny Home Shell include:

  • 4×6 skids; all joists and skids are pressure-treated
  • ¾” tongue-and-groove flooring with a 50-year warranty on custom cabins
  • Boxed-in corner studs to make it easy to finish the interior of your lofted tiny home
  • Trusses with steel gussets, framed at 16” on-center
  • 2×6 double headers at windows and doors on custom built cabins
  • A double door with a metal diamond-plate threshold
  • Felt paper beneath roofing materials for increased roof longevity
  • Drip edge on all edges of the lofted barn cabin roof
  • A 10-year workmanship warranty on all custom-built tiny home shells for sale in KY & TN

Free Custom Tiny Home Delivery

All custom tiny home shells for sale at our lots come with 50 miles of free delivery from any of our sales locations! After 50 miles, it’s a simple per-mile fee for your custom-built cabins in KY and TN. We want to help you start enjoying your custom tiny home ASAP!