Dog Kennels Beautiful, customized outdoor dog kennels, built by hand.

You wouldn’t give your dog anything less than the best. And neither would we.

The customized dog kennels we build are constructed from top-quality materials and meticulously assembled by our expert craftsman. Each outdoor dog kennel is built on a durable substructure of pressure-treated lumber. Painted wood siding and metal roofing protect the exterior; the color combination is completely up to you. Almost every outdoor dog kennel we build is unique, just like the canines that use them!

The standard dog kennel layout features a 4’-wide enclosed sleeping area to protect your dog. The sleeping area includes a window, a pedestrian access door with a window, a divider door to split the sleeping area, and a dog door to access the run area. The 8’ run area allows for fresh air and exercise; it’s enclosed by pet-safe chain link fencing and features a smooth composite floor for easy cleaning and extra weather resistance.

Standard Features on Prefab Dog Kennels

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To build a dog kennel that will stand up to years of use, it’s important to start with the right materials. Besides the customizable features, our outdoor dog kennels come standard with:

  • Pressure-treated 4×6 runners
  • Walls framed at 24” on-center with top and bottom wall plates
  • A durable metal roof
  • Two-tone painted siding
  • Pedestrian access door w/window
  • Sleeping area w/window and divider door
  • Chain-link-enclosed run with dog door
  • A composite floor in run area
  • Multiple sizes available, including 8×12 and 12×16
  • A 10-year workmanship warranty on all dog kennels

Free Dog Kennel Delivery

We do our best to serve dog lovers throughout Kentucky and Tennessee in as many ways as we can. That includes offering each dog kennel with 50 miles of free delivery from any of our sales lots. Beyond 50 miles, we charge a simple per-mile delivery fee. Getting an outdoor dog kennel in KY or TN should be as simple and seamless as possible!