Horrible Experience

We have had our cabin for a year, today. We have had nothing but issues with it. It started to leak about a month after we got it. We called to get it fixed and they never came out. We spent all winter in a leaking cabin with mold. I ended up getting pneumonia so bad I was hospitalized due to the mold (and I think I have permanent health damage from it).

We finally got someone to come out and see what was going on in March. Now keep in mind, this leak started only a couple of months after getting the building. And the person we spoke to didn’t seem upset nor surprised this issue was going on. He said that they have had a lot of complaints on their buildings, as far as leaking goes. The guys they sent out were only here for a couple of hours, changed a few things then rolled out. The roof was STILL leaking and we had to have them come back out. They tore the whole left side of our house off (roof included) and replaced it. For all of our troubles, they only replaced the insulation that was ruined.

Now today, the roof is leaking AGAIN!

I would not recommend this company for anything if you plan on keeping things in them or living in them. The worst customer service I have ever had and their buildings have nothing but issues!