red vinyl shed for sale

Red Sided Vinyl Shed

At Esh’s Utility Buildings, we recently (Summer of 2016) added the red vinyl shed option to our line of storage buildings. Our purpose was to provide something more classy. Up to this point we only offered lighter and calmer colors. Now with this new addition you can buy a building that bring spice and flare to your backyard, backwoods, and more.

The red siding color sets this shed apart. Until this new siding color addition, we only offered clay, sand, cypress, cream, and white colors. However it is much more than just another color. There is a clear distinction between this dark and rich color and our previous colors. The previous colors protected the shed sides without much ado or flare. However this new color adds beauty and style. What initially served a practical purpose in protecting your building can now also be beautiful. It is all in the color.

Nonetheless this siding is not only classy; it is also longer lasting. It is slightly thicker and can take a bigger hit from the weather. It can stand up against much more abuse. With this portable shed you get more class but you also get a more enduring structure.