A 392 Sq. Ft. Office Shed In KY!

After we opened our Glasgow, KY sales lot, we realized that we needed an office shed on the lot there in Kentucky. We thought, “Since we are a shed company, why should we not turn one of our sheds into an office?” The idea caught on, so we started to design and build our own office shed in Kentucky.

exterior of eshs office shed in glasgow KY

Designing Our Office Shed In Kentucky

Before building the 14×28 shed, we figured out what we wanted to include in the design. It is important to us that our customers feel welcomed when they visit our office, so we installed a porch. We chose Sherwin-Williams as the brand to paint our porch. We also added a storage space above the porch that is accessible from the inside. 

We wanted our office shed to be bright with natural light, so we added four windows and two doors. There is a front door on the porch and a side access door, each with 9-lite windows. 

Additionally, we used LP SmartSide grooveless siding for our interior wall panels and LP trim for our baseboards. We chose LP SmartSide because their engineered wood is free of knots and patches, is treated to resist fungal decay and termites, and has a 5/50-year warranty. We also enjoy the wood texture that the panels add to the room. 

We chose to put in a high-quality floating floor. We knew that we would be rolling around the office with our chairs and wanted flooring that would be able to handle the wear and tear.

interior of eshs office shed in kentucky

Equipping Our Office With Electricity And Internet 

Of course, every office needs electricity for lighting, electronics, etc. We were no exception. So we installed a breaker box and electricity for our computer equipment, A/C, and lighting. We included a special cutout for the air conditioning unit and a 220-volt outlet. After all, our office shed is in Glasgow, KY, where temperatures know no boundaries! We also made sure that the internet would be installed for our office. After all, what’s an office shed without Internet!😊

After we finished planning our office shed in Kentucky, we put the designs into the capable hands of our crew. The end product was exactly what we wanted! We can now work in a quality office shed that we will be able to use for years to come!

We used The Ranch style shed for our office. This quality shed was a perfect option to turn into an office as there are many options for sizes and customizations. Installing a porch was just one of the many available add-ons for this shed.

aerial view of eshs office shed in kentucky

If you want to build your own office shed, whether that’s in Kentucky or elsewhere, stop by our sales lot to chat! Our address is 1425 West Main Street, Glasgow, KY 42141. You can also call us at (270) 590-9103. We look forward to seeing you!

We also have a 3D Shed Designer where you can design a shed and request a quote…all for free! What’s more, is that there are plenty of customizable options and add-ons to pick and choose from including paint options, siding choices, additional windows, and much more. That way you can design your shed exactly how you want it whether that’s a small 8×10 metal Ranch shed or a massive 16×40 High Barn with log siding, cupola, side porch, and more!

Oh, by the way, here’s a video of what our office shed in Kentucky looks like from the inside.