Metal Shed Siding: The Complete Guide to Metal Sheds

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What is Metal Shed Siding?

Metal shed siding is referring to metal siding that is used on a shed. Now you may be asking yourself, “What is metal siding?”. Metal siding is a type of wall cladding that uses a system of metal panels to cover the exterior wall of a building, in this case, a shed.

Advantages of Metal Siding for a Shed

Metal siding for your shed comes with many advantages including high durability, low maintenance, insect-repelling properties, fire resistance, energy efficiency, recyclability, and it looks great!

High Durability

Metal is an extremely durable material, it can withstand extreme temperatures, strong winds, and even heavy impacts. Metal siding can last around 50 years with proper maintenance, it also isn’t susceptible to mold, mildew, and termites.

Low Maintenance

Metal siding is very low maintenance as it isn’t susceptible to as many problems as wood or plastic siding. Unlike other sidings where you’d have to apply insect repellents and mold-resistant coatings, to take care of metal siding all you must do is clean it occasionally.

Insect-Repelling Properties

Insects hate metal siding; this is because they can’t eat it or burrow into it to build nests. This gives you a lot less to worry about, if you had wood siding you’d have to worry about termites, ants, and other insects and treat your siding with different chemicals to keep them away.

Fire Resistance

Another reason metal siding is great is that it is non-combustible! Unlike wood or plastic siding, a small fire won’t mean it’s the end for your shed. So, if you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, metal shed siding may be beneficial for you.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know metal shed siding can lower your energy bills? This is because metal siding is very good at reflecting the sun’s rays as well as the heat that comes along with it. Properly installed metal siding will keep your shed cooler in the summer and lower your need to use your air conditioner.


Even though metal production isn’t the most eco-friendly process, metal is still one of the most recycled materials in the world! Considering the longevity of metal siding, the fact that you most likely won’t have to replace it as well as its recyclability can help you to reduce waste!

Good Looks

Not only does metal siding do everything mentioned above, but it also looks great and can complement your property well! Its sleek and simple design provides a modern look fit for any building, including your shed.

Disadvantages of Metal Siding for Shed

Even though metal siding comes with many advantages, nothing is perfect. So, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t choose metal siding.

It’s Expensive

Metal siding can get expensive. Even though some metal siding like aluminum can be on the more affordable side, metal siding is usually more expensive than other types of siding. Here’s our article on outdoor shed costs.

It Dents

Metal siding is highly durable, however, impact from outdoor objects or even from an accident during installation can cause unappealing dents to be left in the siding. These dents can be difficult to repair.

It’s Hard to Replace

If your metal siding ends up getting damaged, it may be difficult to replace as you will have to change the entire panel if a part of it is damaged. Also, metal siding tends to change color over time, so finding the right color wouldn’t be easy.

What Types of Metal Siding Are There?

There are many different types of metal siding to choose from, here are a few:

Standing Seam Metal Siding

This siding is comprised of metal panels with clean, vertical lines and raised edges for weather-tight interlocking. This also gives the siding a modern and sleek look.

Corrugated Metal Siding

This type of metal siding is great because of its wavy design, not only does this give it an appealing look, but it also allows it to hide minor dents and imperfections as they blend in with the bends.

Board and Batten Metal Siding

This siding gives you a more traditional look and the fasteners are well-hidden allowing for a sleek and clean look. It provides a nice and bold look overall.

Box Rib Metal Siding

This siding is made up of strong and bold lines that stand out for an appealing look. Exposed fasteners make installation easy, and the ribbed design allows for a unique appearance.

Things to Look Out for With Metal Siding

If you decide on metal shed siding, here are a few things you should be aware of:

Metal Siding Can Rust

Depending on the type of metal your siding is made of it can be susceptible to rust, especially in humid environments. For example, aluminum siding will not rust, but steel siding on the other hand can rust after minor scratching and exposure to moisture.

Poor Insulator

Even though metal siding is good for blocking UV rays and deflecting sunlight, essentially keeping your shed cooler in the summer, metal siding is not too great in the winter. This is because metal is a poor insulator. Therefore, if you plan on spending extended periods of time in your shed in a cold climate, you should consider insulating it.


Now you know if metal shed siding is right for you! We hope you found this article valuable and if you’re interested in metal sheds, be sure to check out our options here!