Rent a Shed! – The Complete Guide to Shed Rental Programs

            Buying a shed is a wise investment, but paying the full price upfront is not always an option for everyone. That’s why many shed companies (including us) offer a rent-to-own payment option. However, there can sometimes be confusion around rent-to-own (RTO) sheds and exactly what an RTO agreement is or isn’t. In this article, we want to clear up the confusion and help you decide whether you should rent a shed. 

What are rent-to-own sheds?

A rent-to-own shed (also known as a rental shed) is that a shed is leased in exchange for a pre-agreed monthly payment, with the option to purchase the shed at some point during the agreement. 

In other words, you will pay a monthly fee to use a shed, much like renting an apartment or a house. However, when you rent a shed and you complete the pre-agreed payments, the ownership of the shed transfers to you. 

How do rent-to-own sheds work?

Rent-to-own sheds work by creating a contract between a shed company and a lessee. The company and the lessee will agree that the lessee will pay a specified monthly rate to rent a shed for a set amount of time. Ownership of the shed will be transferred to the lessee after this period or when the full cost has been paid.

Is rent-to-own the same as financing? 

No. Rent-to-own is not the same as financing. The main difference is you do not build up equity with the shed you are renting until you have finished paying all the monthly payments or paid the total price of the shed. 

What are the benefits of an RTO shed?

One of the main benefits of a rent-to-own shed is that it provides a way to buy a shed for your property without needing 100% of the finances upfront. You can figure out the monthly rental payments and lease terms with the shed company and the shed rental company, letting you pay for the shed in affordable increments. 

If you need a space to store your items, a rental shed is an excellent alternative to renting a storage unit. Depending on your RTO shed contract agreement, the monthly price of a rent-to-own shed is often cheaper than a storage unit. Plus, in the end, you own the shed, while a storage unit has no long-term value for you. You can read more about rent-to-own sheds vs self-storage here.

Rent-to-own sheds are also an excellent option for those who want a shed for temporary storage on their property. For example, if you are moving into a new place and need some short-term storage space, rent-to-own sheds would allow you to have a shed on your property, but you can return it whenever you are finished. 

How much is a rent-to-own shed?

It depends. The cost of a rent-to-own shed will vary depending on the shed company, the shed rental, the size and style, and the length of your lease agreement.  

For example, if you want to rent a shed, our 10×12 Low Barn Shed is a great choice, the original price (as of this writing) is $4,185. If you choose the 24-month payment period, your monthly payment will be $257.06. If you choose the 60-month payment plan, your monthly payment would only be $162.95. 

For your convenience, we have included a “calculate payment” feature on our shed pages so you can quickly and easily determine what each shed would cost on a rent-to-own plan.

Are rent-to-own sheds more expensive than buying a shed?

Yes. In the long run, a payment plan to rent a shed will be more expensive than buying a shed upfront. If you can afford to buy a shed in one payment, that will be the cheapest way to go.

Here we have a calculator to determine your monthly rent-to-own payment. Enter your shed cost, chooses a rent-to-own payment period, and it will automatically calculate how much you will need to pay a month.

Rent-To-Own sheds vs. building your own shed

Like buying a pre-fabricated shed, building a shed will generally be cheaper than a rent-to-own shed. Building your own shed might be the best and most affordable option if you enjoy carpentry construction and have extra time. 

However, for someone with minimal experience and knowledge of building a shed, a rent-to-own shed might be a better option to ensure they get a quality shed that will last. 

Rent-a-shed vs. storage unit

If you are trying to decide between a rent-to-own shed and a self-storage unit, then rent-to-own is a far better option (assuming you have a place to put the shed). You will pay monthly (or weekly) rent with both options, but a rent-to-own shed’s payments result in ownership of the shed at the end of the full payment period.

If you are still on the fence about renting a shed vs. a storage unit, here is an article to help you make an informed decision.

Can I pay off my RTO shed early?

Yes! Generally, at any time in your lease, you can pay off the remaining balance on your rent-to-own shed. Esh’s Utility Building has no fees for early payoff, and it will save you money. 

We also offer rent-to-own 90 days same-as-cash, allowing you to pay the total price within 90 days and still get the same savings as a one-time payment.

How does rent-a-shed affect my credit score?

Rent-to-own sheds will not affect your credit score at all. Part of the beauty of rent-to-own is that rent-to-own buildings fall under a lease agreement, and a credit card check is not required. Anyone can rent a shed regardless of their credit score. 

Can you make modifications to rent-to-own sheds?

No. Most rent-to-own contracts specify that you can not make any alterations to a rent-to-own shed without prior written consent from the shed company. This usually includes adding shelves, equipment, and accessories, or placing signs on the shed. 

Can you convert a rent-to-own shed into a tiny home?

No. Typically rent-to-own shed contracts state that a shed can not be used as a dwelling. 

Can you keep animals in a rent-to-own shed?

No. Rent-to-own shed contracts typically state that animals can not be housed in the shed. Luckily, when the shed is put in your name at the end of the rental agreement, you can do whatever you want with it.

What happens if I can’t make my rent-to-own shed payments? (Can my RTO shed be repossessed?)

If you decide at any time during your rental agreement you no longer want to or can no longer afford to continue renting your shed, you can return it. Generally, in rent-to-own shed contracts, you agree that the shed company can retrieve the shed if you decide not to renew (continue) the rental agreement. At Esh’s Utility Buildings,  we will give you 30-180 days (depending on what percent of the total cost you have already paid) to reinstate the shed if you decide you want to continue to rent the shed. It’s best to contact your shed builder or rent-to-own company with specific questions about your rental agreement.


In conclusion, is it worth it to rent a shed?

Well, this depends on your situation. Rent-to-own sheds are more expensive in the long run than simply buying the shed in one payment. So, if you can swing the purchase of the shed from the beginning, then an RTO shed will not be worth it to you. 

However, if you need a temporary shed on your property, a rent–to–own shed is an excellent option. If you are debating renting a storage unit and a rent-to-own shed, then RTO sheds are the way to go. Also, if you need a shed on your property but cannot currently buy it with one payment, rent-to-own sheds offer a great way to buy a shed in affordable increments. If you’d like to rent a shed click here to learn more!