13 Great Office Shed Ideas For You

When home becomes your office, getting things done without getting distracted can be challenging. Many people have run into this issue and had the idea to build an office shed in their backyard. Backyard office sheds save time since you no longer have to commute to work. Plus, they are customizable and cheaper than renting an office building. Maybe you’re struggling with some good office shed design ideas. This list of office sheds includes many unique office shed ideas that could make your office shed spectacular!

Interior of an office shed in Kentucky

1. Esh’s Utility Buildings – Glasgow, KY Office Shed

A while back, we at Esh’s Utility Buildings had an idea. Why not have our company’s office in a shed!? This nifty little office shed is perfect for our sales lot in Glasgow. It has four windows and two doors, making the one-room 14×28 shed bright with natural lighting. The white-railed front porch is a welcoming touch. It was ready for us to use after equipping it with a breaker box and electricity for lighting, air conditioning, and office equipment!

2. Great Escape Garden Rooms – Office/Garden Shed

Do you want a backyard office with enough space to entertain your friends? This spacious 6m x 4.5m backyard office shed would be ideal. Who wouldn’t want to work in this space with its beautiful glass doors and elegant wood siding? Set up a few couches, and you also have an entertainment room! As a bonus, this one also has a clever storage room on the side to hold gardening equipment. 

3. Killebrew Krew – Turned A Backyard Shed Into An Office

It is hard for children to be children when they constantly need to be quiet. This Florida couple realized this when they had twins, and Dad worked from home. This realization gave them the backyard office idea, which they did by turning their shed into a backyard office. Now they have the best of both worlds; a quiet, beautifully-lit backyard office to work in and a room in the house for their children to play in and be noisy.

4. Artist’s Office Shed

Have you ever been in the middle of a piece of art but needed to clean everything up when you needed to make a meal or when guests came over? One idea to solve that problem would be to have a backyard office shed for all of your artistic needs! This charming cottage-like office shed idea is a beautiful place where you can leave your art supplies out and quickly jump back whenever you are free. No need to put everything away every time!

5. “Turned A Shed Into An Office.”

This YouTuber had many unique ideas to make this office shed special. Beautiful floor-to-ceiling corner windows separate this office shed from the ordinary and bring in so much sunlight. Using pallets to side the back wall was an ingenious idea. One of the best ideas, though, is the loft! When work starts to get to you, a place to rest is a great idea. 

6. Christopher Raia Design – Southeast PA Office Shed

Christopher Raia required space for his branding and exhibit design work. He knew what he wanted for an office and went to Sheds Unlimited for them to make his ideas a reality. This two-story office shed, located in a luscious garden, came out of that collaboration. The office has enough space for all his equipment, a computer desk, and room for his clients to visit. This office shed is an excellent place for inspiration and creative thought to flourish.

7. Parkside Garden

Almost hidden behind the vines, a garden office shed is many’s dream office shed idea. A bright yellow door and contemporary decorations are all elements that help to make this home office one you would not want to leave!

8. Office Shed With A Deck

This compact office shed looks so inviting! The windows bring in so much natural light and are a great way to ventilate the space. The deck is a great idea! You can take a break from work by reclining on your deck or host friends! Get more ideas for adding a porch to your shed by reading Shed Porch Ideas and Inspiration.

9. Artman’s Insurance Agency – Hadley, PA Office Shed

Scott and Pamela Artman own an insurance agency. They needed a low-cost office for their insurance agency, so they designed their own office shed. They took their plans to Gold Star Buildings, which was able to build an office that included all of their ideas. Scott and Pamela framed and finished the 16×40 large shed office themselves and now own this beautiful homey office space on their land. It has everything they need, a lobby, two offices, and a bathroom. The shiplap on the walls and ceiling give this office a warm and welcoming feel. Here’s the full story, if you’re interested.

10. The Light Shed

shed office

The windowed doors and extra windows let in lots of natural light. The white exterior and interior add to an overall bright atmosphere. Best yet, you can easily accent this shed with the colors and decor of your choice.

11. Home Office Shed – Cody Stenk

Cody Stenk created this crisp, well-lit office shed out of necessity. Cody worked from a one-windowed basement office until the pandemic hit, which forced him to work from home. Realizing his need for a quiet space to work, he had the idea to build this shed office in his backyard. Now he has a distraction-free work area with sunlight within a few feet of his house!

12. Plywood-Sided Office Shed

This office shed is brimming with uniqueness. Siding the room with plywood might not be the standard way to do things, but the risk of implementing this idea was certainly worth it! The plywood pairs very well with its black wood flooring and black chair. This shed shows that you don’t need to be extravagant to be beautiful. Here, simplicity is what makes it so attractive.

Check out photos of this shed here.

13. Swoon Sewing Patterns – Harrisburg, PA Office Shed

This spacious two-story office shed is perfect for Alicia, the owner of Swoon Sewing Patterns. The downstairs space has room for Alicia’s pattern-making tools and materials, plus an airy office corner. She even has room to work on her other hobbies as well! The upstairs is where Alicia stores all her supplies to make her soaps. This beautiful office shed was a great idea!

Wrapping It Up…

Hopefully, these 13 office shed ideas gave you some great kickstarts to how you can create an office shed right on your property! If you’re looking for a shed shell in which you could create your office-shed ideas and dreams, Esh’s Utility Buildings is a quality builder that offers customizable shed shells. If you’re interested, you could read our story about how we built a 392 sq. ft. office shed in Kentucky! We also have a large shed inventory selection, that you could also choose from. If you’re looking for an office shed that’s not too big but not too small, you might be interested in learning more about our 14×20 sheds. Happy Office Shed hunting!