Prefab Detached Garages: Attaching The Answers The Budget-Friendly Garage

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In this article, the focus will only be on prefab detached garages that are delivered in either 1 or 2 sections with a built-in floor. This type of prefab detached garage is the most budget-friendly option.

However, some prefab garage companies offer prefab garages that are assembled from smaller components and require a concrete pad. If you are interested in that kind of prefab garage, view some here.

As mentioned, this article is focusing on the important things you should know about prefab detached garages. More specifically, we’ll be talking about prefab garages that come in 1 or 2 sections and why they are the most budget-friendly.

Let’s get started!

Prefab Detached Garages: The Basics

What exactly are prefab detached garages? Well, there are two types: single car or double wide.

Let’s define both.

What is a Single-Car Detached Garage?

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A single-car detached garage is built inside a shop and arrives at your desired location fully assembled. The single car detached garage comes with a built-in wooden floor designed to hold up your one vehicle.

What is a Double Wide Detached Garage?

A double-wide detached garage is constructed inside a shop in two sections. It is then delivered in two pieces and fully joined on-site. This detached garage also comes with a built-in wooden floor fully capable of holding up to two vehicles.

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Next, let’s move on to discuss the common styles available with prefab detached garages.

Prefab Detached Garages: The 3 Main Styles

Single car or double wide prefab garages typically come in the following three styles.

Ranch or A-frame

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Are you looking for a popular and modern-looking prefab detached garage? If so, the Ranch or A-Frame provides a clean and contemporary appearance. Not only is this style the most popular, but it is also the most affordable. With its 5/12 pitched roof and tasteful overhangs, the Ranch style single car garage will effortlessly match your home.

If you’re interested, feel free to browse our inventory by building size.

High Barn or Gambrel

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This style of prefab detached garage provides the most interior space while adding a stylish country flair to your property. Thanks to its additional headspace, a loft or two can be added overhead for increased storage space. If you wish for more than just space for your one vehicle, the High Barn style is your match.

If you want to see more inventory buildings, you can browse our inventory by size.


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If you have more than one vehicle, the Double-Wide style provides the needed space for two cars. Obviously, this style is only offered for a two-car capacity. Also, the Double Wide is offered only in the Ranch style.

Once again, if you want to see more inventory buildings and garages, feel free to browse our inventory by size.

Prefab Detached Garages: Its Top 3 Benefits

So, what are the benefits of a prefab detached garage?

Let’s break down the benefits into 3 categories.

1.     Price

The biggest benefit of a prefab detached garage is its affordability. Why are they so affordable?

2.     Ease-of-Installation

The next benefit is its quick and efficient installation on your property.

3.     Its Non-Permanence

The last standout benefit provided by a single-car or double-wide prefab detached garage is its ability to be moved if needed.

Let’s move on now to the factors affecting the price of prefab detached garages.

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Prefab Detached Garages: The Factors Affecting Its Price

There are 6 factors that affect the price of a modular detached garage. Let’s take a closer look at each factor and its impact on price.

1. Style

The style you choose impacts the price of your prefab detached garage. For example, the High Barn style is approximately $250 more than the Ranch style. The Double Wide style is approximately $8,000 more than the High Barn style.

These numbers will vary depending upon which shed builder you choose.

2. Siding

Generally, there are 3- 5 types of siding available with the cheapest siding being metal siding and the most expensive being log siding.

3. Roofing Materials

Often, prefab detached garage builders offer either a metal roof or architectural shingles. Metal roofing can at times be cheaper by approximately $950.

However, that is an approximate price and depends upon the quality of the metal roofing. Sometimes metal roofing is only $200 cheaper than shingles.

4. Size

The smallest recommended size for a single-car prefab detached garage is 12×20. However, some other recommended sizes for a prefab detached garage are 12×24, 14×24, 16×24, and 24×24 (ideal for 2 car capacity). We have more info on single-car garage sizes in this article.

Size can increase the price anywhere from approximately $1,500-$8,700.

5. Flooring

With many shed companies, you have the option to choose reinforced flooring, which adds additional strength to the garage. For example, choosing pressured-treated plywood flooring over ¾ tongue and groove flooring is a way to reinforce the strength of your garage floor.

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Adding reinforced flooring can add anywhere from approximately $250-$600 to the final cost of your detached prefab garage. 

6. Special Customizations

Once the essentials of your prefab detached garage are chosen, the opportunity awaits to add special customizations.

Such as:

The addition of special customizations will influence the final price of your garage.

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Prefab Detached Garages: FAQs

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We hope the above information helped guide you along in your search for a prefab detached garage. If you’re interested in additional content, you can read about cottage sheds, including cottage shed garages.

If you are currently ready to buy a prefab detached garage and live in the Kentucky or Tennessee area, check out our prefab detached garages.  At Esh’s, we build you “Buildings for Life”!

Also, even if you are not in the Kentucky or Tennessee area, but you still wish to get an idea of what your prefab detached garage could look like and cost, check out our 3D Builder. This visual tool will give you the chance to choose your ideal garage size, style, colors, etc.; plus, in the end, you can walk away with an estimated price. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to answer your questions!

We wish you the best of luck as you look for your ideal prefab detached garage!