Single-Car Garage Size: Full Guide

Choosing the right single-car garage size is super important!

2 Reasons Why Proper Sizing of Your Single-Car Garage is SO Significant!

  1. You do not want to invest money into a garage size that does not perfectly fit your vehicle and other space needs.
  2. Usually, you only buy a garage once and no one wants to live with the regret of that decision.

In this guide, let’s cover single-car garage sizes and answer all the common questions associated with choosing the right size.

Let’s begin with this popular question…

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How Many Square Feet is a Single-Car Garage?

The square footage of a single-car garage varies along with its size. However, typically, the square footage of single-car garages ranges from 180–384 square feet.

Now, consider the next most common question regarding the square footage of a single-car garage.

What is the Average Square Footage of a 1 Car Garage?

The average square footage of a 1-car garage is 336 square feet.

Farther down, we will unpack the average single-car garage dimensions. So, stay tuned!

Finally, find your answer to another popular question surrounding single-car garage sizes.

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What is the Width of a Standard Single-Car Garage?

Ideal widths for a single-car garage are 12’, 14’, and 16’.

Common factors contributing to the proper width for your single-car garage depend upon the width of your vehicle, the amount of extra storage space needed, and your budget.

Next, let’s discuss the minimum, average, and maximum single-car garage sizes and their considerations.

Minimum Single-Car Garage Sizes

The following information offers you the dimensions of the absolute smallest one-car garage size as well as the recommended minimum one-car garage size.

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The Absolute Minimum Single-Car Garage Size

The absolute smallest for a one-car garage size is 10×18 (only 180 square feet). This size is only recommended for compact cars like a Toyota Corolla® or a Honda Civic®.

Sizing Challenges with a 10×18 Single-Car Garage

A 10×18 one-car garage size is small. Very small. Here are some challenges you might want to consider before purchasing one for your compact vehicle.

So, if you are wondering, what is the absolute minimum for a one-car garage size, remember 10×18. Our recommendation is to only consider this size if you own a Mini Cooper or Smart Car.

The Recommended Minimum Single-Car Garage Size

The recommended minimum single-car garage size is 12×20 (240 square feet). This size offers you an additional 60 square feet for more comfortably parking your one vehicle. If all you wish for is enough space to park your vehicle, a 12×20 one-car garage size should be sufficient.

Depending upon the size of your vehicle, you may have enough headspace to store some tools along the wall. Typically, most cars, vans, and trucks will fit inside a 12×20 one-car garage size.

Sizing Considerations for a 12×20 Single-Car Garage

If you think your vehicle is longer than 19 feet, then consider going with either a 12×24 single-car garage size or the following average single-car garage size. 

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exterior of gambrel-roofed single car garage sizes for sale

Average Single-Car Garage Size

The average size for a standard 1-car garage is 14×24 (336 square feet). This standard single-car garage size provides a lot more room to comfortably park your car, open and close its doors, and utilize all three walls for storage.

So, if you are wondering, what is a good standard one-car garage size? Remember these dimensions, 14×24.

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Why is a 14×24 a Good Size for a One-Car Garage?

The following reasons support why a 14×24 standard one-car garage is a good size for your one lucky vehicle.

Check out this tour of a 14×24 one-car garage to see what type of interior space it offers.

If you are on the fence about whether you should get a 12×20 or a 14×24, most garage owners later wish that they would’ve gone a couple of sizes bigger.

exterior of single-car garage sizes for sale in KY and TN

Maximum Single-Car Garage Size

Generally, the maximum single-car garage size is 16×24 (384 square feet). This one-car garage size offers the roomiest experience. Enjoy the ease of parking, opening, and closing doors, and the most capacity for extra storage.

A 16×24 single-car garage provides the best overall experience for your one vehicle. This size is highly recommended if you want to get the most out of your single-car garage’s available parking and storage space.

Rest assured, with a 16×24, most large and long vehicles or boats can fit inside this one-car garage size with no problem.

While this size is the typical maximum for single-car garage sizes, you may be wishing for even more space or an “oversized” one-car garage.

Let’s cover some popular questions regarding extra-large one-car garage sizes.

How Big is an Oversized 1 Car Garage?

An oversized 1-car garage would be considered either a 20×20 or 20×24. Both these dimensions fall into the snug category of 2 car garages. However, for a single car, these dimensions would provide a lot more space than needed for just one vehicle.

With either a 20×20 or a 20×24, you could have a nice-sized space for a workshop on one side or at the very head of the garage. Or, as already mentioned, you can use that extra space for organized storage.

Also, if you own ATV’s or a boat, you could use the extra space for storing these larger motorized items.

What is the Size of a 1.5-Car Garage?

The size of a 1.5-car garage would be considered either an 18×24 or a 20×20. While a 20×20 can offer enough space for two cars, those dimensions are the minimum fit for two cars. So, generally, a 20×20 would be a better size for falling into the 1.5-car garage category.

The space within a 1.5-car garage could easily fit one vehicle and a motorcycle and ATV.

Owning more space inside your one-car garage for more than simply vehicle storage is a worthwhile consideration. As mentioned, most garage owners wish their garage was just a little bit bigger.

Standard 2-Car Garage Sizes

Although this varies largely across the garage industry, a common standard 2-car garage size would be 24×24. Other common sizes could range from as low as an 18×20-24×30.

Prefab Single Car Garages

You might be wondering what a prefab single-car garage is. We’ll explain by contrasting a prefab 1-car garage with an on-site built, single-car garage.

Esh’s Utility Buildings offers prefab and on-site built garage sizes; our prefab single-car garages are built at our shop and then delivered and assembled efficiently at the customer’s location. Oh, and the exteriors of our prefab garages are completely customizable to your property. Whether you’re into a metal, a wood, or a vinyl look for your 1-car garage shed size, we’ve got you covered. Plus, there are tons of window, door, trim, and roofing options available too! We’ll explain some of the different siding options your prefab one-car garage size could be fitted with next.

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Siding Types For One-Car Prefab Garage Sizes

There are many different types of siding in the garage industry. We’ll highlight a couple of siding styles that we offer.


Our 1-car garage sizes can all be fitted with vinyl siding, a standard siding type in today’s shed industry–and for good reason. Vinyl siding is easily customizable and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Stained Wood

If you’re wishing for a rustic, quaint look to your single-car-sized prefab garage, stained wood siding is the right match for you. Once installed, we finish your single-car garage size with two coats of stain in the color of your choice.

Painted Wood

If you want a brighter look to your 1-car prefab garage, try painted wood. With painted wood, there are a plethora of color options to pick from, transforming a garage into your personal 1-car sized garage.


Looking for a spacious 1-car prefab garage size that’s still robust and strong? Enter metal siding. Our metal siding is made from metal panels that are coated with a weather-resistant coating.

Log Siding

You want your single-car-sized garage to look just right in your backyard, right? But what if you want the exterior of your garage to match the rustic, old-timey look of your house and/or the woodsy, country setting that you live in? Then log siding may be the best option for your prefab 1-car sized garage. We offer several styles of log siding; each can be stained to your desired color.

Although this is not all of the siding types that could possibly be used for your single-car garage, we hope that this gives you at least a taste of what the exterior look of your garage could look like. If you would like to learn more about the many different siding options for 1-car garage sizes, check out this article.

Roof Styles For One-Car Prefab Garage Sizes

There are plenty of different roof styles of single-car garages, and so we’ll highlight two of them.

A-Frame Roof Style

exterior of a-frame standard one-car garage sizes for sale

The A-Frame roof style is a classic when it comes to single-car garage sizes. With a simple single-sloped roof design, the A-frame style allows for a majestic, yet simple, look to your one-car garage.

Gambrel Roof Style

exterior of gambrel standard 1-car garage for sale

The Gambrel roof style is basically a symmetrically-shaped, double-sloped roof. The pros of this style include more efficient overhead/storage space and a classic, barn-style appearance. Depending on the size of the one-car garage that you decide to purchase, the storage space efficiency factor that the barn shed style provides could come in handy, especially if you’re wanting to store as much as possible in the remaining space of your single-car sized garage.

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Concluding Single-Car Garage Sizes

Hopefully, the above information helped your decision on the right one-car garage size for your specific situation!

You should come away with a single-car garage size that fulfills your exact space needs. Do not settle for less than complete satisfaction with your purchasing decision. Garages are worthy investments. However, they are also an investment of your hard-earned money.

If you happen to be in either Tennessee or Kentucky and are seriously interested in a one-car garage, check out our single-car garages. Or, if you’re looking for a garage size to host two cars, you can also check out our multiple-car garages. Another option would be to browse our in-stock garage inventory.

Or check out our online 3D Builder and enjoy a great visual of what your single-car garage could look like by customizing its size, its exterior, its interior, etc.

If you have any questions or wish for further guidance on single-car garage sizes, do not hesitate to contact us. At Esh’s Utility Buildings, we are at your service!

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