16 Shed Shelving Ideas for Instant Space

Wouldn’t you hate it if you were to walk into your shed just to be greeted by a cluttered mess of objects all over the place? I know I would, that’s why you need to keep your shed clean and organized. You can accomplish this by investing in some shed shelving units, so, here are some shed shelving ideas.

1. Shed Supply Shelf

Is your shed floor slowly becoming engulfed by screws, hammers, containers, and other supplies? Sounds like you can use a shed supply shelf! You can buy some pre-made shelves from a hardware store and install them or you can build them from scratch with some wood, brackets, and screws. This can be a great way to free up some space in your shed and keep your supplies organized. Check out some high-quality brackets at Rapid Shelves!

2. Shed Tool Racking

Are you tired of your shovel falling over because you left it leaning against your shed’s wall? Or maybe you don’t want your rake laying on the floor. Well, I have the solution for you, go and get yourself a tool rack! Shed tool racking will allow you to hang up your tools, conserving space and keeping them safe. Great for a garden shed!

3. Peg Board Shelves

If you need a place to keep your smaller tools like gardening tools, wrenches, hammers, etc. Then a peg board shelf is the right shed shelving unit for you. A peg board shelf is a board with holes in it that you can insert pegs into to hold objects. You can also install a shelf onto your pegboard for extra storage.

4. Shed Shelving Unit

If you want a more general storage solution you can use a basic shelving unit like a bookcase or shelf rack. You can use this shed shelving unit to store books, paint, plants, basically, anything that fits.

5. Shed Door Shelf

Have you used all the storage solutions we mentioned so far and need more space? Or maybe you just want something a little different. Whatever the case may be, you can install extra shelving on the interior of your shed door! This is a great way to conserve space and add storage at the same time.

6. Shed Storage Drawers

If shelves aren’t your thing, you have other options to fix your storage issues. A good example of this is drawers, you can use drawers to hold plenty of things. From screws for your home improvement projects to seeds for your garden, drawers can hold it all, as well as keep your shed a little more organized.

7. Wire Shed Shelving

Still want something different? Wire shelving could be a great choice! Wire shelving is good because it allows for light to shine through it and it also allows water and moisture to drip through it, unlike a regular wood or metal shelf where water can puddle up and damage the shelf. Wire shelving units are great if you know your shelf will be exposed to moisture.

8. Floating Shed Shelving

Looking for a sleeker, more modern look? Well, floating shelving may be the right answer for you! Floating shelving has no visible supports which causes the shelf to appear to float on the wall. This gives the shelf a very modern and minimalistic look, and the shelves themselves are inexpensive. Great for a livable shed!

9. Metal Shed Shelving

metal shelving for shed

If you plan on storing robust equipment on your shed shelving unit, then a metal shelve may be right for you. These shelves are capable of handling a heavier load than shelving made from other materials like wood. Not to mention that they are also easier to clean than other shelf materials.

10. Wooden Shed Shelving

Wood is a very common shelving material this is because wood is sturdy, attractive, and affordable. If you want a simple-looking shelf with good durability, wood is a great choice. Wooden shelves fit in with about any color scheme and add a nice, classy touch to its surroundings.

11. Plastic Shed Shelving

Plastic is a good choice when it comes to choosing shelving material, it’s inexpensive, durable, and recyclable. You can find plastic shelving online for as low as $20, making it one of the cheapest options on this list! Plastic is also not susceptible to rust or rot like metal or wood, and if you ever need to get rid of your plastic shelving, just recycle it!

12. Hanging Shed Shelving

Hanging shelves are shelves that are suspended from the ceiling or wall. These are unique shelves as they are suspended by a rope and are appealing to look at. Even though they look great, there are a few things you must consider before purchasing one. They can’t support as much weight as a regular shelf, and they shouldn’t be installed on imperfect walls.

13. Adjustable Shed Shelving

If you ever want to store something, a shelf shouldn’t be something to get in the way. Therefore, adjustable shelves were made. An adjustable shelf can be moved and adjusted to your liking. So, if you ever want to store something large in your shed and your adjustable shelving is in the way, you can just move the shelf without installing a new one!

14. Corner Shed Shelving

Are the shelves on your walls not providing enough storage space for you? Well don’t worry, corner shelves can help solve your problems. A corner shelf is exactly what it sounds like, a shelf for the corner of a room. Corner shelves can add a nice and sleek look while also providing extra storage space. These shelves would look great in a home or office, also check out our article on office shed ideas here!

15. Shed Shelving on Wheels

Are you constantly moving things around your shed? Maybe it’s to make space for your next building project or maybe just to fit different equipment. Regardless of the reason, nothing beats the versatility of a shelf on wheels. It keeps all your belongings safe and portable.

16. Ladder Shelves

Is a basic shelving unit not stylish enough for your taste? Maybe you should consider a ladder shelf. Ladder shelves are shelving units that resemble a ladder as they typically have incrementally sized boards with the largest shelf on the bottom and the smallest on the top and can also appear slanted for an aesthetic look. Definitely a great choice for both style and purpose.


Hopefully, you now have plenty of shed shelving ideas for the future, to help make your shed more efficient with storage as well as look more appealing. From hanging shelves to peg board shelves, the shed shelving ideas go on and on!