Modular Cabins Double-wide modular cabin homes, ready-to-finish for affordable living space.

Living space doesn’t have to be so expensive. That’s where our double-wide modular cabin comes in. Our modular cabin homes (also called a “two-car garage house package”) are much simpler than most modular cabins for sale in KY and TN. They’re constructed as a simple, double-wide structure, in standard sizes from 20×20 up to 24×32. We leave them unfinished on the inside, so you can invest as much or as little as you want in the interior. If you do decide to finish out your modular cabin with drywall, the framing is constructed to make that easy and simple.

Our modular cabins share a design with our multiple-car garages, but with a few major differences. First, instead of roll-up doors, our modular cabin homes feature two pre-hung insulated doors with 9-lite glass. Second, three 32×36 insulated vinyl windows with shutters are included standard with each modular cabin. Beyond that, you can customize your modular cabin home however you like!

Standard Features on the Modular Cabin

For a modular cabin home to remain sturdy through the years, it’s important that it starts with a solid design. Our modular cabins come standard with:

  • Pressure-treated 2×6 floor joists (at 12” on-center) on pressure-treated 4×6 skids.
  • ¾” tongue-and-groove sub-floor with a 50-year warranty
  • 7’ 4” walls framed at 16” on-center with top and bottom wall plates
  • Boxed-in corner studs for easily finishing the interior of your modular cabin
  • Trusses with steel gussets, framed at 16” on-center
  • 2 pre-hung insulated single doors with 9-lite glass
  • 3 insulated 32×36 vinyl windows with shutters
  • Felt paper under roofing materials to increase roof longevity
  • Drip edge around the edges of the modular cabin roof
  • 8” roof overhangs, boxed in and finished with the same material as the siding
  • A 6-year workmanship warranty on all modular cabin homes

Free Modular Cabin Delivery

When we offer modular cabin homes for sale in KY and TN, we include free delivery and assembly within 50 miles of any of our sales lots. Beyond 50 miles, it’s a simple per-mile fee. We want to get you the living space you need, as affordably and easily as possible!