Painted Sheds For Sale In KY & TN

Looking for a shed that is made from top-quality material but still looks absolutely fantastic? Consider a painted shed!

For our painted wooden sheds, we use LP® SmartSide®, an engineered wood siding product. We coat each painted shed with shed-specific paint from brands like Sherwin-Williams®. You’ll get impact-resistant siding and a top-quality paint to make your shed look perfect on your property!

Our painted sheds come in many models, colors, and sizes. Choose a painted shed from our inventory or use our 3D design tool to create your own custom painted shed!

In-Stock Painted Sheds In KY & TN

Where To Find Painted Sheds in KY & TN

We have numerous sales lots and dealers where we offer painted sheds for sale in Kentucky and Tennessee, including in Elizabethtown, Mt Washington, Bowling Green, and Glasgow, KY.

Painted Shed Options

exterior of fiberglass door for vinyl sheds for sale in KY and TN


Simply add a glass or fiberglass door to your painted shed to give it a modern, stately look. All doors include a diamond-plate threshold.

exterior of window shutters for vinyl sheds for sale in KY and TN


With a painted shed, you can add shutters to your shed windows to keep your shed looking much more polished and furnished.

exterior of window flower box for vinyl sheds for sale in KY and TN

Flower Boxes

Flower boxes are a great addition to brighten the exterior of your shed. Imagine some fresh tulips decorating your shed windows!

Free Painted Shed Delivery

At Esh’s Utility Buildings, our goal is to serve our neighbors by not only offering sheds for sale in Kentucky and Tennessee but also keeping your costs to a minimum. One way we do that is by offering free delivery within 50 miles of any of our locations. Beyond 50 miles, it’s a simple per-mile fee. Getting a portable shed should be as easy as possible!