7 Features of Quality Storage Buildings

A quality storage building for sale in KY or TN

Do you ever wish for more for less money? Of course, you do! Do you ever wish for higher quality storage buildings for a lower price? The answer is obviously yes. You may think that you can either get a quality storage shed or a cheap shed for a good price, but not both. However, that is not necessarily true. Our goal is to build better buildings at cheaper prices. Our sheds are stronger and more durable than most other sheds in our area. There are 7 features of our quality sheds that set them apart from most others. We include these quality features at a cheaper price. When you buy from us you get higher quality for a lower price.

1. The Foundation

A storage building is only as good as the foundation that supports it. A quality foundation allows for proper drainage and minimizes shifting that can damage your shed in the long run.

We offer site prep as an additional service when you buy a building from us. Getting a good foundation is a big part of investing in a shed that will last. You can also install a gravel shed pad yourself.

Gravel foundation for a quality storage buildings

2. The Floor

A very important part of a storage building is the structure of the floor. That’s why we have invested quite a bit, over the last number of years, in testing and developing a quality floor system. To improve it, we have moved from 2×4 floor joists to 2×6 joists and from straight edge 5/8″ flooring to 3/4″ tongue & groove flooring. This tongue and groove interlocks and improves the overall strength of the floor. Plus it boasts a 50 yr warranty.

quality storage building flooring

3. The Threshold

We install a tough and attractive diamond plate on the door threshold to protect your floor edge. This prevents the floor from chipping and cracking while entering and exiting the portable shed.

diamond plate threshold on a quality storage building

4. The Frame

Most sheds are framed 24″ on center. However, our buildings are framed 16″ on center. From the floor to the rafters we follow standard house construction spacing. This closer spacing makes the sides and roof much stronger. It produces a higher quality shed.

inside of a high barn style quality storage building

5. The Inside Corners

The inside wall corners are framed in for a job done right! This makes it look much better. However, more importantly, it prepares the building for finishing the inside if need be. This provides the needed place to fasten drywall or paneling if you wish to make your shed an office, studio, or any other indoor space. We put these joists there for you as a standard feature!

Inside corner framing on a quality storage building

6. The Outside Corners & Overhangs

Building quality storage buildings is more than building a solid structure. It is also about making the structure look attractive. We are passionate about this. While we build with and focus on quality, we want your shed to look good as well. One of the ways we do this is to frame an overhang on our ranch-style storage buildings. These overhangs are up to 8″ wide. This adds beauty and elegance to the storage building.

To make the shed even more attractive, we style the corners. We cut the facia and corner pieces to the right angle so that it looks great. Elegance and beauty is a big part of these corners and overhangs.

quality corner of a well built shed

7. The Roof

Using felt paper on the roof deck, underneath the roofing material is good. It should be standard on all sheds. Unfortunately, we don’t know of any other shed manufacturer that does this. However, it is a standard feature that you get when you buy from us. Why not get a roof that has a little better roof and that will last for a few more years? Why go with anything less than a quality shed in the backyard?

metal with tar paper on a quality metal shed roof

Potential of Our Quality Storage Buildings

The potential of a storage building is sometimes underestimated. Many storage sheds are used in the normal way, namely, for tool and small equipment storage. Of course, they are great for that. In fact, they are built and designed for exactly that. If you would like to learn about outdoor shed costs, our “Outdoor Shed Cost: 2024 Overview” is a great resource. However, sheds can be built and used for much more. We even have an article on the benefits of backyard chickens because we even offer chicken coop sheds.

Here’s a couple of our in-stock storage buildings.

If you’re interested in viewing more of our in-stock storage buildings, feel free to view our inventory.

Are you wanting more living space? Or a small backyard studio? Or what about a hunting cabin? How about a place to park your car; if that’s what you want, we got a whole article on single-car garages. The possibilities go on. If you’re interested, you can learn about the benefits of sheds with porches. Our quality storage buildings can be customized to suit your needs. With a little creativity on your part and some hard work on our part, we can build to meet your needs. A great size storage building is a 12×24 storage building. If you’re interested, here’s an article that talks a bit more about 12×24 storage buildings.

If you’re shopping around you may be considering vinyl storage shed vs. a plastic shed.

Our buildings are customizable because they are designed with customer needs in mind. A garage package can be added if you want a place to store your car; you can even insulate your garage and use it as a workshop area!

Or if you are looking for a prefab cabin for your backwoods the siding can be changed to log cabin siding instead of the typical wood or vinyl siding. Also if the smaller low barn shed is not big enough, it is as simple as going with a high barn style. The high barn style has a few more feet of vertical space plus an added loft.

Another great option is the ranch-style shed. This style is built to be a bit more attractive. With roof overhangs, a simple yet stylish roof, an optional window, they make a beautiful backyard or garden centerpiece. If you’re interested in learning more about our garden sheds, our “Garden Sheds: The Complete Guide” is a great place to start. Also, see our vinyl sheds for sale for an attractive and durable storage building. Or, we also have loafing sheds, which you can read more about in this article if you’re interested in a shed for your livestock.

The list of options goes on and on. If you are willing to put in the time to think outside the box, we are willing to customize to your tastes.