12x24 Storage Buildings Explained

Large-scale sheds are useful for any backyard. Whether it’s for storage or an extra living space, 12×24 storage buildings are one of the most versatile storage building sizes. Esh’s Utility Buildings offer large premium sheds in many customizable options. So whether you’re looking to store your lawnmower, open a backyard workshop, or move your office outside, you will find expert advice for your needs.

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Are 12×24 Storage Buildings A Good Size?

Owning a larger scale shed is helpful for anyone; so, the 12×24 storage building sizes may be perfect for you. Plus, there is plenty of customizable options; your vision will become a reality. Open up your home’s storage potential or build the perfect haven away from the main house; a large shed in your backyard will give you the space you desire. The large shed opens you up to many storage building uses.

What Are 12×24 Storage Building Prices Like?

12×24 storage building prices vary depending on style, material, and additional features. For example, a standard plastic shed or a 12×24 metal storage building will be cheaper than a wooden shed with additional windows and doors. On average, a 12×24 shed will cost $4,300 if it’s a DIY build or $6,400 if it’s a prefabricated style built by a professional. If you’re interested, you can check our in-stock 12×24 shed prices now.

Pre-built 12×24 Storage Buildings

Purchasing a prefabricated 12×24 shed is the most efficient way of acquiring one. It saves you time because all the planning and building is done for you; prefab sheds are also delivered ready to use. There are also many pre-built options to choose from, which means that your needs will definitely be met.

The most affordable option is the standard low barn 12×24 metal storage building, which usually averages around $6,000 to $8,000, depending on the material used. Next are the average ranch or high barn styles that range from $7,500 for wood to $13,000 for vinyl. Lastly, the premier sheds, which can be double-wide, two-story, or a garage style, can range from $16,000 to $20,000. However, with custom builds, this price can fluctuate even higher.

When buying a shed of this size, you will also need to consider the price of ground leveling, foundation, and delivery of your shed. These costs will vary depending on whether you’ve chosen a kit to be assembled at the desired shed location or if it’s being delivered pre-assembled.

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DIY 12X24 Storage Building Prices

Building a DIY shed can save you money; it also offers more customization. The average cost of a DIY shed is roughly around $5,500, including materials and plans. However, the lowest price of DIY sheds is around $1,300, and the highest is roughly $34,000. Moreover, when building your own shed, it is easy to accumulate extra costs if you’re not careful with your budget or intentionally choosing the most efficient and cost-effective materials.

If building a shed from scratch isn’t for you, you can also choose to purchase a shed kit that has a DIY element and offers the ability to customize with minor changes. Kits and planned DIY builds can run around $25 per square foot after purchasing all needed materials, equipment, and plans. However, remember you will also need to acquire a permit for a building this size in some areas.

Additionally, you will also need to put in a lot of time and energy. So, your shed will take longer to come to fruition than if you paid a professional to assemble one or bought a prefabricated shed. In saying this, you will save a lot of money on labor if you do it yourself. The lowest labor cost is hiring someone to put a shed kit together, a task you can easily do yourself.

The cost of building a shed is also dependent on the space you wish to put it in and the material used. Most sheds can be built in any existing clear area of your yard, but if you don’t already have a clear area, you will need to spend money excavating or clearing the area. Grading is the most common technique of land preparation and costs around $4-$5 per square foot. Additionally, if your shed is made of concrete, wood, or brick, you will likely need electricity or plumbing running to the area for the building process. This is especially required if you wish to turn your shed into an office or workshop.

If you want to learn more about how to build a shed yourself, familyhandyman.com has a great article on how to DIY a shed

Cost Of Materials

For prefabricated 12×24 sheds (such as those built by Esh’s Utility Buildings) there are several main shed material options:

Each material has its pros and cons, but the prices for materials commonly start at:

People usually like to match their sheds to their homes for a more cohesive look. However, a good tip is to choose a simple style shed with a flat roof and then decorate the outside with more expensive materials to achieve the desired look.

Best Styles For 12×24 Storage Building Sizes

Deciding on the style of your 12×24 shed is essential. Different styles have different aesthetics and storage potential.

12×24 Low Barn Storage Buildings

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This is the most basic and affordable option. This style is perfect for storing your outdoor tools and machinery. The low barn style is a classic-looking addition to your yard and has customizable options for door placement. To see some Low Barn shed options, check out our low barn inventory.

12×24 High Barn Storage Buildings

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Much like the low barn option, the high barn style also provides a higher roof for loft storage. The gambrel roof design offers added storage potential for those smaller items you don’t wish to place on the floor. The style takes up the same square footage but adds valuable storage space.

We have plenty of other in-stock, 12×24 storage buildings. If you’re interested, feel free to browse our inventory.

12×24 Ranch Storage Buildings

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This is the most popular style of shed. The Ranch style is the most versatile and customizable and can be used for both storage and outdoor living or working spaces.

We have plenty of other in-stock, 12×24 storage buildings. If you’re interested, feel free to browse our inventory.

12×24 Saltbox Storage Buildings

The saltbox style features an ample overhead entrance space. The roof is slanting, with the back of the shed having a lower headspace than the front to give it an open feel and provide your backyard with a unique look. Although we do not sell this style of 12×24 storage building, the saltbox style is a great option that you could consider adding to your property.

12×24 Garage Storage Buildings

This is the perfect style for vehicle storage. You can easily fit workshop benches along the back and then park ATVs, snowmobiles, or boats comfortably in front. It is also the perfect shape for a workshop, and many people use the garage-style to start businesses from home.

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If you’re interested, feel free to browse our garage inventory for our in-stock, 12×24 garage storage buildings. If you’re interested in a garage shed, we have an article about prefab detached garages that would be a great place to start.

Storage Building Uses

There are numerous storage building uses. For example, you can use your shed for storage or as a living space. The possibilities of a shed of this size are endless.


A 12×24 provides ample space for your garden tools and machinery as well as vehicles you may be storing away until the right season, such as snowmobiles, boats, tractors, or jet skis. You can even store your classic cars and have space to tinker with them. Keep in mind that you may want to add a shed ramp if you plan to store vehicles.


A 12×24 shed for a workshop is an excellent option for anyone wanting to start a business from home or indulge in a hobby such as carpentry or mechanics. You will have ample space to store cars and the equipment needed to work on them or set up an entire woodworking operation with all the benches, tools, and materials storage that you need.

Living Space

Converting your shed into a living space is a new and trendy, storage building use. You can create your own space away from the house by finishing off the interior and adding electricity and plumbing to your shed. Turn your backyard building into a she shed or man cave, office space, pool house, kids’ playroom, or backyard movie room. The potential in a storage building is endless. Decorating the outside can also provide endless activities like adding a flowerbed, painting on the side with chalkboard paint, or adding a patio or deck. Or, you could learn about a loafing shed and how that can be used for the livestock on your farm.

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Find Your 12×24 Storage Building

These 12×24 storage buildings have many different uses or functions; but if you’re looking for a little bit of a cheaper option, read about 12×16 sheds. If you want to read more about potential ideas or uses for your shed, our “22 Inventive and Creative Shed Ideas & Uses” article is a great resource. You could also read about the benefits of tacking on a porch to your shed. As another side note, if you’re interested in possibly purchasing a garage shed, check out our comprehensive guide to garage sheds. Large sheds can add value and organization to your home from general storage to an outdoor oasis. Esh’s Utility Buildings can provide you with first-class 12×24 sheds and provide you with expert advice on the best materials and construction options for you. If you’re interested, feel free to check out our in-stock 12×24 sheds now! So, plan what you will do with your 12×24 shed now!