12x16 Sheds: 2024 Full Overview

When your garage feels like it is bursting at the seams, and there’s nowhere else to store those lawn tools, bikes, and mowers, then a backyard shed is the ideal solution.

Sheds tick the boxes of being affordable and robust, and can even add value to your property. You don’t need to go all out to get the most from this type of storage; a 12×16 shed is all you need to keep basic equipment safe and organized.

A new garden shed can truly transform your backyard space into something functional and attractive. Not only will your tools be organized and your machinery housed safely, but your 12×16 shed could also be your new separate living space, an oasis from your main house that provides you with some much-needed peace and quiet.

12×16 sheds for sale from Esh’s Utility Buildings can even be customized to add a porch for you to sit and enjoy a cup of tea on! No matter the function, a shed is a great addition to any property. If you think you might like to buy a 12×16 shed, read on for several things to consider.

Is 12×16 A Good Shed Size?

A 12×16 shed can be an incredibly dynamic choice of size. As a medium-sized shed, it is small enough to fit in many yard sizes, yet big enough to provide you with a large range of storage space options and living functions. However, if you’re looking for a shed size that’s a bit bigger, you might be interested in learning more about our 14×20 sheds.

A 12×16 is perfect for those with enough yard space, who don’t plan on storing more than two pieces of small to medium-sized machinery or one car, and those with a budget to accommodate a 12×16 shed. In assessing whether it’s the size for you, consider the following.

How Much Space Is In Your Yard?

Do you have room for a medium-sized shed? 12×16 shed plans should be small enough to fit in most yards, yet it is still important to check. A 12×16 shed in a very small backyard would look out of sync with your space, so consider square footage. For instance, consider the difference between a 12×12 shed and a 12×16 shed. Glancing at the numbers quickly, it’s easy to think of them as about the same size, but remember to think in terms of square feet. Those four extra feet of length actually add 48 additional square feet.

Consider The Height Of A 12×16 Shed

Don’t forget to take into account cubic feet as well. You can add storage space to a 12×16 shed by choosing an option with a greater height. By adding extra shelving or a loft you will be maximizing the potential of your shed’s storage. However, keep the height of your shed in mind when choosing a location. Check for low-lying branches of trees and any other possible obstacles.

Consider Accessibility

Access space is just as important as your actual yard space. Do you have room for the installers to maneuver a shed into your backyard? You should measure access points before you buy a 12×16 shed to figure this out. Keep in mind that a 12×16 shed should have a 14-foot-wide access allowance so that there is room for the eves and a bit of extra wiggle room.

exterior of brown and green 12x16 storage shed for sale

How Much Does A 12×16 Shed Cost?

The price of 12×16 sheds for sale will vary depending on what sort of materials you choose and what style you prefer. The cheapest type of 12×16 sheds on the market are sold in kits with costs starting from around $2,000, and prefab sheds will start at around $4,000. Overall, the average 12×16 shed cost will roughly be around $6,000.

12×16 Shed Cost By Type

The biggest factors that impact price are the style and material of the storage shed you choose. A 12×16 storage shed made from vinyl will run around $1,000-$2,000 more than the same shed made from wood. There are also metal and painted shed options.


Budget style sheds such as Low Barn styles average around $4,500 for a 12×16 shed made from wood. For a vinyl variant, the price jumps to approximately $6,000 on average.


The average price range of these sheds usually includes Ranch and High Barn styles. For a wooden shed in these styles, you would be looking at paying around $5,000-$6,000, and for the same shed in the vinyl material, the average cost can be up to $7,500.

Here are a couple of sheds from our 12×16 shed inventory.

You can also browse our sheds-by-size page to view other shed sizes that are currently in stock.


Premium shed styles such as garage and cabin sheds start from $7,500 when made from wood and can range all the way up to $33,000 or more in price. Premium sheds are highly customizable and you are often able to choose from your own 12×16 shed plans. The cost of these sheds heavily depends on what features you choose.

Delivery Costs

Delivery costs of sheds vary greatly depending on size, weight, and where the shed is being delivered. Distance traveled is considered, as is the ease of delivery of the shed to your yard. However, at Esh’s Utility Buildings, your delivery is free of charge.

DIY Sheds

Building your own shed, though it can be cheaper, will also cost you in labor and time taken to build. The average price of materials for a DIY shed is $3,000-$4,000, but it also takes time, skill, and tools.

12×16 Shed Types

The style of shed that you choose can greatly impact its use and storage capabilities. Though there are numerous styles of sheds out there, with us, you can customize your favorite styles to perfectly suit your needs. With that said, the most popular styles of 12×16 sheds for sale are as follows.

12×16 Mini Barn Sheds (Low Barn)

The Low-Barn Shed style is designed for simplicity and is a very straightforward building. It doesn’t include the frills of other styles but focuses on one thing: storing your stuff affordably.

12×16 A-Frame Sheds (Ranch)

exterior of yellow a-frame 12x16 shed for sale
interior of great a-frame 12x16 shed for sale

The Ranch storage shed is a classic style and provides a great option for an affordable and well-built garden shed. This style allows decent-sized windows and the possibility of a small loft area and looks completely “at home” in many yards.

Here are a couple of our A-Frame Ranch Sheds in our inventory.

12×16 Barn-Style Sheds (High Barn)

exterior of green a-frame 12x16 shed for sale
exterior of green 12x16 shed for sale

Thanks to a gambrel roof design, this building comes with two overhead lofts, which will be plenty of space for that extra stuff you’d like to keep off the ground.

Here are a couple of our High Barn Sheds in our inventory.

12×16 Cabin Sheds

When it comes to designing a portable cabin, there are many options. Take the porch for instance. Besides upgrading the aesthetic of your cabin, a porch creates the perfect spot to relax. Whether you’re creating an eye-catching addition to your yard or adding lodging to your campsite, a cabin shed gives you the flexibility you need.

If you’re interested, you can browse our in-stock cabin sheds.

Again, if you would like to view any of our other in-stock shed sizes, feel free to view our Sheds By Size page.

12×16 Garage Sheds

Whether you’re storing a car or just an ATV, a 12×16 garage shed is a durable and affordable way to go. Garage sheds are specially designed to handle the weight of a vehicle.

Both a walk-in single door and a garage door are included with every garage shed. Moreover, adding a ramp and windows improves both the functionality and look of your garage.

If you’re interested in a garage, feel free to browse our in-stock garages.

12×16 Shed Functionality

After you’ve decided what kind of 12×16 storage shed is for you, there are some additional factors you might be considering. Here are the answers to some frequently answered questions concerning a shed of this size.

What Can You Fit In A 12×16 Shed?

As mentioned, a 12×16 storage shed is one of the most popular mid-range options. There is enough space for an average-sized car with some extra wriggle room or enough space for a couple of medium-sized pieces of machinery.

Examples of things you can fit in a 12×16 shed are:

This size of shed can also be used as a workshop, art studio, or a bedroom for one person. Furthermore, for more space, you can add shelves and hooks to the interior to easily store and access smaller tools and items.

How Heavy Is A 12×16 Shed?

A medium-sized 12×16 shed usually weighs around 2,000 lbs.

However, this number can change somewhat if you need to add a floor or extra features such as windows and doors.

How Do You Move A 12×16 Shed?

If you need to move your shed because possibly you want it moved to a different spot at the time of installation or down the road you want it at a different location on your property, or you want it to stay with you when you move, there are several ways you can move your shed. Let’s lay out your options below.

Use Pipes Or Other Rollers

This method requires you to jack up the shed, place rollers underneath the skids, and move it over the rollers just as you would if it were on a conveyor belt in an assembly line. Lower your shed onto the rollers, and push. You will be surprised at how easily your shed moves on the pipes.

Drag Your Shed On Skids

If you are lucky enough to have a machine with some serious pulling power, then save yourself the exertion and make your shed a sled. Pulling with a truck or tractor is easier than using pipes to roll your shed, but be warned, the more power you put into moving your shed, the more you risk damaging your shed’s structure. However, moving a shed on skids is fairly simple. Attach the skids to a chain or other type of heavy-duty strap and pull.

Use A Forklift Or Tractor With Forks

With a forklift or tractor, moving your shed shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, this option is not cheap, and not many people already own this piece of machinery. If you do choose to use a forklift, though, consider bracing all the walls to strengthen your structure and ensure it doesn’t get damaged.

Use A Trailer

A trailer is another effective way to move a large shed, particularly if you want to move it beyond your backyard. However, a couple of things to consider before putting your shed on a trailer is finding a truck with enough power and acquiring a trailer big enough to hold your shed with a flatbed area greater than the shed. This option will result in significant movement of your shed structure, so make sure to secure it well.

exterior of awesome white 12x16 shed for sale
interior of awesome quality 12x16 shed for sale

Enquire About Your 12×16 Shed Today

12×16 sheds are perfect for many yards and functions. Whether you need a space to organize your belongings or you wish to extend your home’s living space with a backyard shed, a 12×16 will easily satisfy your needs. With its medium size, the square footage of this shed will easily fit into most yard spaces as it provides enough room to really make a difference. If you’re interested, you could even learn how to transform your shed into an office by looking at these office shed ideas.

Esh’s Utility Buildings offers a range of sheds for sale with many customizable 12×16 shed plans for you to choose from. So, contact Esh’s Utility Buildings today to start figuring out your perfect 12×16 storage shed now. Have questions? Just contact us!