A 2024 Guide To Garage Sheds

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Let’s start with answering some common and popular questions surrounding portable garage sheds then move on to breaking down the garage shed types, styles, sizes, prices, and more!


What Are Garage Sheds?

A garage shed is a detached, pre-built wooden structure constructed large enough and sturdy enough to house your vehicle or vehicles. Typically, it comes with a strong, reinforced wooden floor, fully capable of holding up your vehicle’s weight as well as an overhead garage door. This type of garage offers great affordability, fantastic customization, and countless paint options.

The wooden (sometimes metal) structure is constructed inside a controlled environment and usually transported in either one or two pieces (depending upon its size).

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What Defines a Garage Shed from a Traditional Garage

A garage shed is defined by the following characteristics:

You might be wondering if a shed can really be a garage. Which ushers in a common and popular question…

Can I Put a Car in a Shed?

The short answer…Yes, absolutely, IF, it is a wooden structure specifically designed for vehicles.

While a garage shed may share some similar build features to a shed, there are distinct differences in the spacing of the flooring joists and in the thickness of the flooring material.

It is helpful to remember that the average large-sized shed only has enough room for ATV’s or lawnmowers while a garage shed will always be able to house, at the very least, one vehicle.

Next, let’s move on to discussing the 2 different types of garage sheds.

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Garage Shed Types

There are two types of garage sheds, either portable garage sheds or built-on-site garage sheds.

Let’s distinguish the two.

1.     Portable Garage Sheds

These sheds are built in a garage shed manufacturing site and then delivered, pre-built, to the customer location. In the same token, their portability is due to the fact that they can be transported to other sites at a later time. This type of garage shed would be considered the “real” garage shed. If you would like to learn more about single-car garage sizes, you can read this article.

Here are some distinctions of a portable garage shed.

Here are some examples of a portable garage shed.

Single Car Garage Shed

exterior of a good quality single car garage sheds for sale

These are ideal for one car or as a standalone workshop.

Multiple Car Garage Shed 

exterior of white multiple car garage for garage sheds article

Perfect for two-car or splitting between vehicle and garden equipment storage.

2. Garage Sheds Built On-Site

This type of garage shed walks a bit of a fine line as they blur the “shed” distinction and are more of a traditional garage. However, they still are considered garage sheds.

Here are some of the distinctions of garage sheds built on-site.

Here are some examples of a garage shed built on-site.

Regular Roof Garage

This garage shed model is basically a carport with metal sides. This would be an example of one of the cheaper garage sheds built-onsite.

Single Story Workshop Two- Car Garage

Here is a more quality-built example of a garage shed built on-site. Perfect for two cars and/or storage space.

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Garage Shed Styles

Now that you know the two types of garage sheds, the following information provides you with the different garage shed styles.

The style of garage that is right for you depends upon your budget, personal needs, and aesthetic preference.

Ranch (A-frame)

Are you looking for a classic and modern garage shed? If so, the Ranch style offers a simple and clean-looking design for classy vehicle storage. The Ranch, also known as the A-Frame, is the most popular style of garage shed, thanks to its good looks and affordability. This style of garage shed will be sure to complement your home while also offering excellent protection for your car or truck.

High Barn

If you are looking for extra storage space and headspace, the High Barn is where it is at. This barn shed style of garage offers enough interior space for a loft or even two lofts. Plus, it adds a bit of country flair to your property with its charming gambrel roof style. In a nutshell, this style of garage offers maximum space for storage, vehicle protection, and all the while an exceptionally stunning look.


Unique. Stately. One of a kind. The Saltbox style of garage shed will be sure to secure admiration from one and all as this style is a particular standout.  With its sloped roof and darling overhang, the Saltbox provides a unique and stunning storage space for your vehicle. 


Take your garage shed to the next level literally with the Two-Story style. Enjoy enough space for storing your vehicle on the first floor and a whole second floor for household storage, a hobby space, a home office, etc. This style of garage shed is sure to provide for all of your storage needs.


If you have more than one vehicle or you also wish for additional space for a workshop or lawnmowers, etc., the Doublewide style is your solution. Built with twice the amount of space, this garage shed style offers you the width needed to store all your important money investments. Enjoy keeping both of your vehicles out of the rain.

The above descriptions describe the typical styles for garage sheds. Now let’s move on to discuss garage shed sizes.

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Garage Shed Sizes

The following width and length dimensions provide recommendations for properly sizing your garage shed.

Recommendations for Garage Shed Sizes

Ideal Width

Ideal Length (for both Single & Multiple-Car)

If you are specifically interested in a multiple-car garage shed, check out this helpful video on 2-Car Garage Dimensions | Minimum, Average, and Ideal Garage Sizes.

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Popular Garage Shed Sizes

The following information provides you with a list of the most popular garage shed sizes. With a garage shed, it is better to error on the side of too big than not big enough.

12×20 Shed Garage

The 12×20 Shed Garage is about the smallest size you can realistically store a vehicle in. Basically, it’s just enough width to pull your car in and out of the shed. Depending upon what size of car you have, there may be some headspace for storing rakes and shovels or even adding shelves on the walls.

20×20 Shed Garage

The 20×20 Shed garage is a lot wider than the 12×20 and can fit two cars. Check out our article on 20×20 garages here to learn more!

12×24 Shed Garage

This size provides a bit more length for your vehicle, which is ideal if your vehicle is on the longer side. Or you can utilize the extra 4 feet of headspace for a bit more storage.

Check out this short tour of what a 12×24 garage shed looks like up close!

14×24 Shed Garage

This size offers more room to comfortably open your car doors and more space to walk around your vehicle with ease.  This size is a lot more popular for utilizing all three walls for basic storage like shelving or bike racks.

16×24 Shed Garage

With a 16 foot width, this garage shed provides the roomiest experience for your one lucky vehicle. This size provides the most room for storage possibilities on all three sides as well.

24×24 Shed Garage

This size is a great option for a two-car garage or a combination of one car and a workshop. The space within a 24×24 shed garage provides comfortable room for two cars, but not a whole lot of space for additional storage.

For additional sizing comparison, check out this video giving you an up-close view of a 14×28 garage shed.

Properly sizing your garage shed is extremely important, especially with the amount of money you are investing to ensure your vehicle(s) have adequate protection.

Next, let’s go over what contributes to the cost of a garage shed.

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Garage Shed Prices – An Overview of Factors Affecting Price

The average price for garage sheds can range anywhere from $6,600 – $80,000.

However, that is a general price overview. There are many factors contributing to the cost of a garage shed.

 The actual price of a shed garage is impacted by the following 7 factors.

  1. Type – Portable or Built On-site
  2. Size
  3. Style
  4. Exterior Materials – Siding & Roofing
  5. One Or Two Car Capacity
  6. Special Customizations
  7. Flooring Material

Let’s dive a bit deeper into the details of how each factor affects the prices of a garage shed.

As mentioned earlier portable garage sheds tend to be more economical than a garage shed built on-site.

The greater the size, the more your shed garage will cost. Usually, you can figure about $500–$1,000 dollar increase per garage shed size up.

Not all styles are created equally. If you prefer the High Barn style over the Ranch style the price difference could be about $1,000 due to the additional craftsmanship and time involved in its design.

Siding – Your choice of siding affects the final cost of your garage shed. For example, vinyl is more expensive than painted wood by about $200 dollars. Metal is the cheapest siding option and log siding is the most expensive.

Roofing – Choosing between metal or shingles affects the final price of your garage shed as well. Metal is cheaper than shingles by approximately $500

exterior of amazing quality white garage shed for sale

Buying a single-car garage is generally cheaper. For example, an A-Frame single portable garage shed is about $7,000 cheaper than an A-Frame double-wide portable shed garage. Of course, the prices will increase depending upon whether you go with a portable or built-on-site shed garage.

Special customizations like adding extra windows, doors, vents, lofts, workbench, insulation, shelves, or decorative features like cupolas, all affect the final price of your garage shed.

Flooring materials affect the price of a garage shed depending upon whether it is a concrete pad, tongue-and-groove flooring, or pressured-treated plywood flooring.

Plus, with some garage shed companies, you have the option to further strengthen the flooring structure by choosing where the joists should be placed.

All the above factors affect the final cost of a garage shed. Next up is some popular garage shed questions and their answers.

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Garage Shed FAQs

Q. What is the difference between a shed and a detached garage?

A. A shed is a smaller wooden structure that is used primarily for storage purposes whereas a detached garage is large, and its main purpose is to house your vehicles.

Q. How do you turn a shed into a garage?

A. The first requirement of turning your shed into a garage would be to ensure you have a large enough shed. For example, a 12×20 is the smallest shed, which can comfortably house one vehicle. If your shed is already large enough, the main modification required would be to install doors large enough to allow for safe entry and exit of your car. Also, it would be wise to strengthen your shed’s flooring, if needed.

Q. Can a plywood floor support a car?

A. Yes, however not alone. For a plywood floor to effectively hold up a car, it needs to have a strong flooring structure in place. With garage sheds, the flooring joists are placed 12’ on center which ensures a sound and strong base upon which to lay plywood. Also, it is recommended to spend a bit more on a thicker plywood floor rather than to purchase a cheaper, thinner floor version.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the affordability, flexibility, and practicality of a garage shed for your car storage needs.

Of course, we offer plenty of garage shed sizes and styles that you can browse. Or, you could check out our 3D Shed Builder and customize your own garage shed. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification or other details. Another article that you may find helpful is our “Prefab Detached Garages: Attaching The Answers” article. We are happy to help at any time!

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