A 2024 Guide to Buying a Portable Shed

Interior of a portable shed in Kentucky

When it comes to buying portable sheds, you’re faced with a ton of options. How do you know which portable storage building will best fit your needs? First of all, you need to begin by asking a few simple questions.

First question…

How will I be using my portable shed? Portable sheds can be used to meet a variety of needs including storage, vehicle parking, living space, workspace, and the list could go on. The first thing you need to do is think about how you will be using your outdoor storage shed. Your answer to that question will greatly narrow down your options.

Here is a chart with suggested uses for wood storage sheds from Esh’s Utility Buildings.

portable sheds usage chart

Next question…

How much stuff will I need to get into my portable shed? It’s a good idea to order a storage shed that’s bigger than you’ll think you’ll need. Shed buyers almost never complain about a wooden shed that’s too big. If you’re not sure how much floor space you’ll need you can lay out the items that you plan to store in the shed and measure around them to determine the size.

How much stuff could you fit into this space?

Interior of a shed in Tennessee with shelving

Question #3

What options will you need to customize the portable shed for your needs? This question is closely connected with the first question. If you’re using the barn shed for storing small items, would an overhead loft or shelves come in handy? Would it be nice to have an extra set of doors or extra windows for better lighting? If you’re planning to work in your wood garden shed you may want to consider an electrical package. Our “Garden Sheds: The Ultimate Guide” article may be a helpful tool in preparing for your garden shed. Be sure to explore all the options so that you won’t be disappointed with the end product. For example, one shed size option that may work well for your backyard and storage needs is the 12×16 shed size. In fact, we’ve got a whole article dedicated to roughly 200 sq. ft. sheds.

Don’t forget to add these options…

portable sheds options

Another question…

Which portable shed style will best fit with the other buildings on my property? If your garden shed will be located near other buildings on your property, you’ll want to think about aesthetics. To learn more about garden sheds, feel free to take a look at our “Garden Sheds: The Complete Guide” article. Apart from choosing an appropriate style, you’ll want to think about how your color choices will blend in with or compliment nearby buildings.

Would this vinyl storage building (or something similar) look good in your backyard?

Last question…

Is the portable shed that you’re considering built to last? You probably know by now that outdoor storage buildings require a significant financial investment. Will the building that you’re looking at give you a good return on your investment? A cheap building can quickly become expensive if it only lasts for a few years. Spending a little more for features that make your vinyl shed last longer and perform better is a good idea if you plan to use your building for many years. To get a better idea of outdoor shed costs, our “Outdoor Shed Cost: 2024 Overview” article is a great resource.

Does the building you’re considering have standard construction specs that include:

Answering these simple questions will go a long way in helping you choose a portable shed that will serve you well for many years to come. If you’re interested, you can also learn about the benefits of sheds with porches. You may also find our blog post on vinyl storage sheds vs. plastic sheds helpful. If you’re interested in a garage, see our learning center articles on ordering and installing a prebuilt garage and insulating a detached garage. If you’re also interested in learning more about our playhouse sheds, this blog post on Outdoor Playhouses: 4 Pointers may be helpful. Or, we also got an article on loafing sheds, if you’re interested in reading about sheds for livestock.

Here are a couple of our in-stock portable sheds.

If you’re interested in seeing more of our in-stock sheds, feel free to view our inventory.