Rent-To-Own Cabins: The 2024 Complete Guide

If you are considering a rent-to-own cabin, this article is just for you.

Let’s jump right into the discussion of rent-to-own cabins including the important and helpful information you should know about them.

Let’s start first with the very popular question…

exterior of high barn rent to own cabin for sale

Can I Rent-to-Own a Cabin?

Yes, but it depends. Often, rent-to-own cabins are sold by shed companies that build a basic, yet sound, shell of a cabin. Cabin companies that build larger, more intricate, and fully finished cabins usually do not offer the rent-to-own option. Generally, if you go through a shed building company, you can rent-to-own a cabin.

exterior of red rent to own cabin for sale

Rent-to-Own Cabins: Pros and Cons

In making a financial decision that is best for both you and your bank account, it helps to weigh the pros and cons. The following offers you the pros and the cons of going the rent-to-own cabin route.


exterior of great finished portable cabin rent to own for sale at KY and TN


Overall, a rent-to-own cabin is a great way to one day own a fully livable getaway cabin!

And even if you may not be able to live in the cabin during the rental agreement, you can certainly get the interior all-ready to go once you choose your ideal cabin!

Popular Rent-to-Own Cabin Types

Rent-to-own cabins usually come in cabin shells, meaning the interior is unfinished. There are basically two types of these unfinished rent-to-own cabins. Either single-wide or double-wide.


exterior of red doored singlewide finished portable cabin rent to own for sale

The single-wide is the most common type of rent-to-own cabin. A single-wide rent-to-own cabin usually can be transported in one piece to its desired location. While single-wides are often smaller, they still provide a spacious and cozy cabin.


exterior of good quality livable rent to own sheds for sale in KY and TN

Double-wide rent-to-own cabins are usually double the amount of space of a single-wide. They are usually transported in two pieces and then fully joined onsite. Double-wide rent-to-own cabins offer a very spacious cabin.

Rent-to-Own Cabin Styles

The following offers you the popular styles of a rent-to-own cabin.

Ranch or A-Frame

exterior of ranch rent to own cabin for sale near KY and TN

Presenting as the most popular style, the Ranch offers a classic and modern appearance. Not only is this style the most popular, but it is also the most affordable. Economical and attractive, these words describe the Ranch! Plus, with its well-constructed gable roof, this rent-to-own cabin will look fantastic sitting in your favorite woods or by the lake. Read more about ranch cottage sheds in this article!

High Barn

exterior of quality high barn rent to own cabin for sale near KY and TN

If you wish for the most space inside your single-wide, rent-to-own cabin, the High Barn style is your solution! Thanks to its gambrel roof, this rent-to-own, barn shed cabin style offers incredible headspace which is perfect for a loft. Not only does the High Barn offer the most interior space, but it also provides a charming, barn-like appearance.


exterior of excellent doublewide rent to own cabin for sale near KY and TN

The Doublewide style offers twice the amount of living space. So, if you are wishing for extra living space to accommodate a big family or simply to enjoy a roomier cabin, the Doublewide is your match! Get ready to enjoy enough space to invite all your loved ones to a weekend away in the mountains!

If you want to learn more about doublewide cabins, check out this Doublewide Cabin House!

Now that the popular rent-to-own cabin styles are covered, let’s move on to discussing its popular sizes.

Rent-to-Own Cabins: Popular Sizes

The following offers you the most popular rent-to-own cabin sizes.

It is helpful to remember that most rent-to-own cabins come with unfinished exteriors, so there is a great deal of flexibility in setting up your ideal cabin layout.

Rent-to-Own Cabin Prices – The 7 Contributing Cost Factors

Initially, rent-to-own cabin prices are the same as any cabins that are purchased right upfront. However, that initial sum is broken up into designated monthly payments and vary depending upon the size, style, etc. of the rent-to-own cabin.

The following 7 factors contribute to the cost of a rent-to-own cabin.

1.     Type

exterior amazing quality finished portable cabins rent to own for sale in KY and TN
exterior white doored rent to own cabins for sale

A double-wide, rent-to-own cabin costs approximately twice the amount as a single-wide.

2.     Style

exterior of high barn rent to own cabin with porch for sale in TN and KY
exterior of grey and white rent to own finished cabin for sale

For example, the Barn style usually costs approximately $1,000 more than the Ranch style. The more intricate and spacious the style, the more that style will increase the final cost of a rent-to-own cabin.    

3.     Size

exterior of small rent to own cabin for sale near KY and TN
exterior of grand rent to own finished cabin for sale near KY and TN

The bigger the size, the more your rent-to-own cabin will cost. Expect anywhere from approximately $500-$1,000 increase per size.

4.     Exterior Siding & Additions


exterior of red siding for rent to own cabins for sale at KY and TN

The prices of siding vary depending upon its material. For example, a rent-to-own cabin with metal siding will be the cheapest option. Whereas, real log siding will be the most expensive.


exterior of rent to own cabin with porch for sale

Often you will have the option of adding a porch to your rent-to-own cabin. Sometimes you will have up to 4 different porch options such as a front porch, a corn porch, a deluxe porch, or a side porch. A front porch is the least expensive and a side porch often is the most expensive. The addition of a porch can increase the cost of your rent-to-own cabin by approximately $1,300 – $1,700.

5.     Flooring

interior of flooring of livable rent to own shed for sale in KY and TN

Some shed building companies provide two different flooring choices, such as tongue and groove or pressure-treated plywood. Usually, tongue and groove flooring comes standard while pressured-treated plywood costs more.

Plus, you can choose to strengthen your rent-to-own cabin’s floor by choosing where the joists are placed. This upgrade will also contribute to your rent-to-own initial cost.

6.     Roofing Materials

exterior of great quality red livable rent to own shed for sale at KY and TN
exterior of shingle roof for livable rent to own shed for sale in KY and TN

Most rent-to-own cabins come standard with a metal roof. However, you wish for architectural shingles, you can expect the price to increase approximately $900-$1,000.

7.     Special Customizations

exterior of custom rent to own cabin with green roof for sale in KY and TN

Finally, the last factor contributing to the initial price of your rent-to-own cabin is special customization.

Special customizations like adding extra windows, door(s), vents, a loft, insulation, or ornate features like a charming cupola, all affect the final price of your rent-to-own cabin.

exterior aerial view of rent to own cabin for sale


If you are seriously considering a rent-to-own cabin, we hope the above information was helpful to you!

If you are currently in the states of Kentucky or Tennessee and looking for a rent-to-own cabin company, check out Esh’s Utility Buildings. We design quality cabins that will be well worth your money investment. See our cabins for yourself! If rent-to-own is your style, be sure to check out our guide to shed rentals! You can also read Deborah’s customer story, and about how she found her dream cabin home. Also, if you are looking to save some money, check out our article on used sheds!

Otherwise, wishing you the best of success in eventual cabin ownership!