Shed Permits in KY: Complete Guide

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Not sure what the building permits are like for where you live in KY? Here’s a comprehensive list of town/cities all over KY that might answer your questions!

Whether you are ready, planning, or merely considering installing a shed, having an understanding of the legal requirements to do so is necessary in the decision-making process. Some regulations vary by local governments. Therefore, we have compiled a table of the largest counties, cities, and towns, providing more specific local regulations.

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Do I need a Building Permit for a shed in KY?

Yes. Most likely you will need a building permit for your shed. However, if your shed is less than 120 sq. feet (i.e. smaller than 10×20), you are not required by law to obtain a permit in most cases. See a table of shed dimensions according to their sizes below.

More detailed requirements are specified on a local level. For instance, some local governments do not require permits for sheds smaller than 200 sq. feet as opposed to 120 sq. feet. We will provide more specific information in the table below for many counties and cities in Kentucky.  Because there are often regulations on how and where your shed is installed, it is important to check these local building permit requirements. You may, however, need to contact your local government office to obtain more permit information for your sheds.  

shed with shed permit in KY

What size of shed can I build without a permit in KY?

You can build a shed of at least 120 square feet before being required to get a permit. In some areas, you may be able to build up to 200 square feet. We’ve added a table below of shed dimensions below 120 and 200 sq. ft. respectively. 

Shed Sizes below 120 sq.ft. and 200 sq.ft

Below 120 sq.ft.Below 200 sq.ft.

Size requirements may vary slightly based on whether the shed would be considered commercial or residential (falling under the Building Code or the Residential Code). It is important that you check your building permit requirements of your local government to verify the specific regulations. 

Where do I get a shed permit in KY?

You can get a shed permit by accessing your local government website in KY and downloading/filling out the appropriate building permit application and submitting it for approval. We have collected links in the table below that give you more information on the local building permit application process in KY.

In filling out a KY building permit application, you will need to know what you are going to use the shed for and where it is going to be located on the property. The shed’s size, and often some construction and installment information will also be needed. If you intend to  include electric or plumbing in your shed, additional permits may be required.

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Local Shed Permit in KY Requirements

Counties in KY

Here are 30 of the largest counties (according to population) in Kentucky with links to their local building permit requirements.

CountyBuilding Code Information
Louisville County
Fayette County
Kenton County
Boone County
Warren County
Hardin County
Daviess County
Madison County
Campbell County
Bullit County
Christian County
Oldham County
McCracken County
Pulaski County
Laurel County
Scott County
Pike County
Jassamine County
Franklin County
Shelby County
Boyd County
Nelson County
Barren County
Hopkins County
Henderson County
Clark County
Calloway County
Whitley County
Graves County
Greenup County

Cities/Towns in KY

We have listed the largest cities and towns in Kentucky, having a population over 12,000 with links to their local building codes and permit requirements.

City/TownBuilding Code Information
Bowling Green
Mount Washington
Fort Thomas
St. Matthews
Fort Campbell North
shed with shed permit in KY

Do I need a shed permit in Louisville, Kentucky?

Yes, you will need to get a building permit for a shed in Louisville, KY.

No permit is needed if it is less than 200 square feet as a residential accessory building, and less than 120 square feet as a commercial structure.

For more details about Louisville’s building code click here.

Do I need a shed permit in Lexington, Kentucky?

Yes, you will need to get a building permit for your shed in Lexington, KY for residential accessory sheds that exceed the 200 square feet limit. While you do not need a permit for sheds that are smaller than 200 sq. ft., you are not generally allowed to install them under an easement or in your rear yard. 

For more information Lexington building permits, click here.

shed with shed permit in KY

What is the penalty for no building permit?

If you do not get a building permit before installing/constructing your shed, you will be liable for additional fees in addition to the original fee of the permit. At times they may force you to cease construction, or will remove/demolish the shed altogether. Like other detailed requirements, the fees and penalties vary slightly according to the local building codes in KY.

A common permit penalty in Kentucky is a penalty fee equal to and in addition to the original payment fee but not less than $500.

How long does it take to get a shed permit?

It usually takes 10-15 business days to get your building shed permit after it has been approved.

How much does a shed permit cost in KY?

Shed permits in KY can cost anywhere from $50-$2,000, depending on the size, use, and if it includes electricity and/or plumbing. Remember the fees will be different depending on your location. You will need to reference your local building codes in KY to see specific cost details.

shed with shed permit in KY


Hopefully this article helped answer some of your questions about getting a shed permit in Kentucky. If you are interested in shed permits in surrounding areas, check out this article on shed and building permits in TN. Or if you’re considering a tiny house, read through our article on tiny home regulations in KY. We would love to further help you in your search for the perfect shed! We offer many quality sheds, garages, cabins, and more, each of which you can perfectly customize to your liking. Go check it out!

shed with shed permit in KY